Vintage Coffee Mugs Especially The Retro Milk Glass Kinds

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Vintage Coffee Mugs

Raise your hands if you love vintage coffee mugs! I'm raising my hand and waving it around. I love Retro coffee mugs ya'll! The picture is my collection proudly displayed in my kitchen.

When I get tired of a mug then I just switch to another one to drink my coffee from each morning. It's awesome!

vintage coffee mug collection

This is my collection of Vintage Coffee mugs and glasses. I do have a few. Mr. B added string rope lights on the top that go on all three levels, super cool at night. I like to add new thrift shop finds when I pick them up and the older ones are added to my shop. I've added some links below for ya. ;-)

I especially love the Retro Milk Glass kinds, like the Fire King mugs. They are amazing. I can't believe but I sold my 70's Snoopy mug when we first started selling on eBay. Super sad about that one. But I did get $450 for it.

That was back when eBay was just getting rolling, I could buy one again for around 30 bucks. I should do it soon, before they go up in value again. Never know!

Vintage jadeite Coffee Mug

That's what makes collecting so interesting. You just never know what you're going to find. And I've found some great finds over the years. For a while we were only looking for Fire King Cups and when one of us would find one while out thrifting we would do our happy dance when we got back to the car. 

Vintage Fire King Coffee Mug Milk Glass

Then we switched to looking for Starbucks, but I don't look for then anymore once Walmart started selling them. Darn it!

Vintage Jadeite Coffee Cup Mug Retro Cool

Do you have a collection of of coffee mugs? Comment below we'd love to hear about it.



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